Settlement Agreements – Scottish Law and English Law Similarities.

Solicitor Lee Dawkins takes a look at an unusual aspect of the law governing Settlement Agreements north and south of the border.

In most instances a solicitor who is qualified to practice in England and Wales cannot practice in Scotland. A Scottish qualified solicitor is similarly restricted to practicing north of the border.

The Scottish legal jurisdiction is completely separate from the England and Wales legal system and, generally speaking, in the world of litigation never the twain shall meet.

However, there is the odd exception when English and Welsh and Scottish law all converge and one such area is Settlement Agreements and employment law generally.

So, whilst we, as English solicitors, would not normally be able to advise someone in Scotland, we can do so when it comes to Settlement Agreements and Settlement Agreement law. Likewise, if we advise a person with a Settlement Agreement that they would be better off taking their employer to an Employment Tribunal, as English solicitors, we are both able and willing to bring claims in Scottish Employment Tribunals.

The law governing Settlement Agreements is uniform throughout the whole of Britain. This means that wherever you are in the country we can assist you with your Settlement Agreement query. The only exception to this is Northern Ireland where the situation is slightly different and we would therefore recommend that you locate a specialist Settlement Agreement solicitor in Northern Ireland itself.

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