Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why you should choose Compromise UK to represent your interests when entering into a Settlement Agreement. Here are a few of the most important ones:-

  1. We are a specialist firm of solicitors. We have years of experience of representing employees in Settlement Agreements.
  2. Because we are a firm of solicitors, we are fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and carry adequate professional indemnity insurance.
  3. We wont charge you for advice given in relation to a Settlement Agreement. We recover the legal costs from your employer. The only time that we might make a charge is if you choose to instruct us to enter into negotiations on your behalf or bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal.
  4. Our specialist solicitors go the extra mile. We do not sign off a Settlement Agreement without considering all the small print. We know that the devil is often in the detail. That is where the expertise of our experienced employment solicitors really comes into play.
  5. We offer a national coverage, dealing with Settlement Agreements for clients from all over the UK. We are easily accessible by email and, of course, by phone. The solicitor handling your case won’t sign off the Settlement Agreement until everything has been discussed with you.
  6. As qualified solicitors we are totally independent. You know that by choosing us your best interests will be safeguarded. As independent solicitors, the only duty we owe is to you. We will advise whether the terms are fair and reasonable.
  7. As experienced employment lawyers we do not just specialise in Settlement Agreements. We deal with all aspects of employment law and can therefore consider your circumstances in the round. We can advise you on bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal on a No Win-No Fee basis if there is merit in doing so.
  8. Our lawyers are friendly and approachable. They offer advice in plain, jargon-free English
  9. Free initial guidance by telephone or email is available.
  10. At Slee Blackwell the client comes first. We provide a high level of service entirely centred around your needs and requirements.