How much will a Settlement Agreement cost?

Legal advice will usually cost the employee nothing

In the vast majority of cases, legal advice on a settlement or compromise agreement will cost an employee nothing. Most employers will pay the solicitor’s fees for advising their employee on the terms of the proposed agreement.

Employers will usually agree to pay our fees because a settlement agreement will not be valid unless their employee has received professional advice. It is therefore in the employer’s interests for specialist advice to be taken by the employee.

We will obtain advance confirmation from your employer that they will meet the cost of the service before we undertake any work.

Our independence is assured

Where an employer pays your legal costs it will not undermine our independence. As regulated solicitors we owe our duty of care to you, our client. Our duty is not owed to the person or organisation who is responsible for paying our fees. Where an employer has agreed to pay the costs  the employee can rest assured that the advice will be truly independent. We will focus our advice exclusively on the employee’s needs and interests.

In the unlikely event an employer refuses to meet the legal costs then we will let you know. If you decide not to proceed you will not be charged for any work we have undertaken.

Additional services available

The only situation in which you would be charged for our services is if you ask us to renegotiate the terms of settlement on your behalf. This will only arise if the proposed terms are not acceptable to you and you want us to renegotiate. In this situation there may be additional legal expenses for which you would be responsible. Obviously we would advise you of the likely cost before those fees are incurred. We will also let you know if we are able to deal with the matter on a No Win-No Fee basis.