Two employers from Warrington receive a redundancy settlement

Both Mr A and Mr D were made redundant when their employer closed the department in which they were employed,. Their employers asked that they each enter into a Settlement Agreement and they both chose to instruct Slee Blackwell’s Employment Unit via Compromise UK to assist.

As a result of concerns expressed by Mr A concerning the possibility of bringing a personal injury claim in the future, Slee Blackwell assured him that under the terms of the Settlement Agreement he had been offered, so long as Mr A was not aware of any injury at the time the Settlement Agreement was signed, he would be entitled to bring a personal injury claim if any work related injury later arose. Mr A therefore agreed to enter into the Settlement Agreement with his employer.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that the sum of compensation offered to Mr D as stated in his Settlement Agreement was less than that offered in previous correspondence with his employer. Given that a Settlement Agreement is a whole agreement, Slee Blackwell’s Employment Team advised Mr D that this must be clarified to ensure the payment due to him could be enforced if necessary. Mr D requested us to negotiate on his behalf, following which the higher sum was successfully incorporated into the final Settlement Agreement for Mr D.