Tameside redundancy Settlement Agreement

Not many companies have been able to avoid the impact of the credit crunch and the associated economic downturn and this was especially true of the industry in which Mr P was employed. A common reaction is for employers to review their resources and staffing structure to try and keep their businesses afloat, a method which Mr P’s employers adopted.

Unfortunately Mr P’s employers resources review resulted in their decision that Mr P’s role was no longer required given the lack of work. In addition they were unable to offer him any suitable alternative roles with the business, and so he was to be made redundant. Mr P’s employers decided the best way to implement their decision was to ask Mr P to enter into a Settlement Agreement.

Mr P instructed Slee Blackwell’s Employment Team to advise him about the Settlement Agreement to ensure that he was not waiving any valid claims against his employers and was receiving suitable compensation for his loss of employment. The Settlement Agreement was finalised swiftly and Mr P received the statutory redundancy package to which he was entitled.