Surrey man chooses Settlement Agreement to achieve early resolution of dispute and prompt payment

Mr B from Surrey was signed off work for a considerable length of time due to depression. Medical professionals believed that his condition had resulted from stress at work.

Unfortunately there were no adjustments that could be implemented to accommodate his disability and enable him to return to work in the short term. His employers were unable to keep his role open indefinitely and so offered him a Settlement Agreement to terminate his employment. Mr B therefore sought help from Compromise UK, the specialist Settlement Agreement Unit of Slee Blackwell Solicitors.

Slee Blackwell advised Mr B that he may have a personal injury and/or a disability discrimination claim against his employers. However they also explained that the sum of compensation offered in the Settlement Agreement was very generous and the matter could be resolved quickly with minimal complications if the Settlement Agreement was accepted.

We weighed up the options with Mr B and assessed the risks and benefits associated with each of these.

Having done so Mr B decided to accept the Settlement Agreement. Accordingly the process was quickly dealt with and about one month later he received a cheque for a substantial sum of compensation from his employers.