Settlement Agreement settles sex discrimination claim

Whilst Mrs G was away from work on maternity leave her employers decided to restructure their workforce. They decided to select Mrs G for redundancy and found that they were not able to offer her any suitable alternative employment, going against Mrs G’s maternity rights under current legislation.

In light of her potential sex discrimination claim, Mrs G instructed Slee Blackwell’s Employment Team to assist. They reviewed the matter, negotiated with her employers and were able to conclude the case by means of a Settlement Agreement with her employers.

In summary, under the Settlement Agreement, it was agreed that Mrs G would still receive her statutory maternity pay as well as an enhanced redundancy package, totalling about £14,000. In addition there was the promise of a positive reference for any future employers. However, this was on the basis of Mrs G agreeing to her employment being terminated and waiving her rights to bring any legal claims against her employers.