Settlement Agreement settles £30,000 constructive dismissal claim

Mr H increasingly found his working relationship with his employers to be untenable. He found the employer’s demands to be unreasonable such as the setting of unrealistic performance targets. Mediation was entered into and this resulted in a Settlement Agreement being offered. However within the Settlement Agreement the employers were seeking to double the time period for the application of restrictive covenants after his employment ceased. For example, under the proposed Settlement Agreement, Mr H would not be permitted to work for a competitor for just under two years, rather than one year.

Mr H instructed a Settlement Agreement solicitor within Slee Blackwell’s Employment Team to assist. They successfully negotiated a compromise in the restrictive covenants in return for additional compensation. Slee Blackwell also insisted that a clause in the Settlement Agreement be amended to ensure the employers and their staff did not make any derogatory comments about Mr H. The client received almost £30,000 in compensation for his loss of employment under the Settlement Agreement.