Settlement Agreement Ceases Bullying Tactics by Employer

Mr H’s employers told him he must resign or face dismissal, despite there being no act or omission by Mr H to warrant his dismissal. When it transpired that the reason behind his employers’ actions were that they wished to directly replace him with a new employee, the employers offered Mr H about £900 compensation, not only was this a meagre sum but it was not in the form of a Settlement Agreement.

In addition, the new employee commenced work before the status of Mr H’s employment had been resolved. Mr H’s employers were very contradictory as to what they required of him in the meantime, and they breached the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures.

Mr H sought help from Slee Blackwell’s specialist Settlement Agreement team who advised he had potential claims for constructive dismissal and unfair dismissal, depending on the course of events This provided a strong foundation for seeking increased compensation under a Settlement Agreement. This was especially so given Mr H’s employed specialism, his tied accommodation, his dependants, and the likelihood he would not find suitable alternative employment elsewhere in that industry in the short-term.

Fortunately the successful outcome of negotiations by Slee Blackwell’s Settlement Agreement Team resulted in Mr H receiving around £3,500 compensation, a positive reference, and one month’s notice in respect of his tied accommodation.