Redundancy Package Doubled Under Settlement Agreement

The company which employed Mr W needed to restrict its resources due to lack of business. Mr W was the remaining member of the company’s sales team but unfortunately the sales targets still could not be met, despite the best efforts of Mr W and his employers. Mr W’s employers therefore had to close their sales department and, as they were unable to offer him suitable alternative employment within the company, Mr W had to be made redundant.

His employers chose to effect Mr W’s redundancy by means of a Settlement Agreement to ensure there were no future complications for them or for Mr W, despite it being a genuine redundancy matter. Mr W chose to instruct Slee Blackwell’s Employment Team to provide him with the legal advice that he was entitled to regarding the Settlement Agreement and the surrounding circumstances. Once the Settlement Agreement was finalised, Mr W received twice as much redundancy pay in comparison with what he was entitled to under statutory guidelines.