Enhanced redundancy package received through a Settlement Agreement

Unfortunately Mr D’s employers found that due to the economic climate they had to affect a fourth wave of redundancies since business still was not picking up. They re-reviewed their resources once more and found further redundancies could be made and this included their decision that Mr D’s role within the business was not essential. There was no other suitable alternative employment that Mr D’s employers could offer him following the loss of his former post, and so he was to be made redundant.

Luckily Mr D’s employers’ decision to make him redundant actually coincided with his idea to embark upon a new career in consultancy. His employers therefore decided to request that Mr D enter into a Settlement Agreement before his employment was terminated.

Mr D instructed Slee Blackwell’s Employment Team for advice as to the current circumstances involving the Settlement Agreement and his own business plans for the future. With Slee Blackwell’s help, Mr D received an enhanced redundancy package totalling in the region of £25,000 as well as a guaranteed positive reference.