Employee receives generous Settlement Agreement compensation

Mr R has received a generous compensation payment from his employers after entering into a binding compromise agreement.

He had been a senior employee and had worked for his employers for over ten years. However time took its toll, leading Mr R and his employers to mutually agree to conclude his employment. His employers decided to put this reciprocated agreement into effect with the aid of a settlement agreement. They therefore told him that in order for him to receive a redundancy package, he must enter into a binding Settlement Agreement.

Mr R was made aware of the requirements for a Settlement Agreement to be legally binding. The agreement must be signed by all parties and the terms adhered to accordingly.  Most importantly the employee must also receive legal guidance. this must ne provided by a suitably qualified solicitor or other authorised advisor before entering into the Settlement Agreement.

Mr R chose to instruct Slee Blackwell’s Employment Team to provide him with the guidance required. Following Slee Blackwell’s assistance with the Settlement Agreement, Mr R received a generous five figure sum by way of compensation. In addition Mr R’s employers agreed to pay all of the legal fees incurred by Slee Blackwell when advising him.