Employee Avoided Age Discrimination By Way of Settlement Agreement

Ms W had two separate jobs with her employer. When her employers considered one of her roles was no longer required, she was offered a Settlement Agreement. Slee Blackwell’s team of Employment Lawyers were instructed advise on the terms of the Settlement Agreement on offer.

Our specialist Settlement Agreement lawyers discovered that within the Settlement Agreement being proposed the employers were also arranging to retire Ms W from her remaining role at the age of 65, which at that time was unlawful. In addition the employers were asking Ms W to enter a probation period for the remaining role, despite the fact that Ms W had been employed in that role for over two years already without any problems.

Slee Blackwell’s Employment Team negotiated the removal of the above mentioned clauses from the Settlement Agreement and thereafter Ms W received about £6,000 compensation as well as confirmation of the terms of her remaining employment with the employer.