Alternative role was not suitable, so a Settlement Agreement is entered into

Unfortunately Ms W’s employers were another business hit by the recession. Following the first tranche of cut backs, Ms W’s role was made redundant. However she was offered an alternative role with her employers that they thought was suitable for her.

Ms W tried out the new role with her employers but increasingly found it very difficult, partially due to the employer’s new operations policy that was thought to be unreasonable. She raised this with her employers via the company’s in-house grievance procedure. Her employers thereafter suggested that perhaps the best way of resolving the matter was by means of a Settlement Agreement whereby she would be made voluntarily redundant.

Ms W went to Compromise UK and later retained Slee Blackwell’s Employment Team to advise her on the terms of the Settlement Agreement. Less than two weeks later the Settlement Agreement was finalised, granting her a payment of over £7,000 from her employer.