Age discrimination claim settled quickly under a Settlement Agreement

Mr H increasingly felt he was being treated unfavourably at work on the grounds of his age when compared with his younger colleagues at the company. Things came to a head and he lodged a grievance with his employers, formally notifying them in writing of his complaint in respect of the age discrimination.

Mr H’s employers responded by inviting him to enter into a Settlement Agreement with them. In summary, this meant that Mr H’s employment at that company would be terminated, and he would not be permitted to bring a legal action against the company in future, but in return he would receive a sum of compensation from his employers.

Mr H decided to instruct one of Slee Blackwell’s employment solicitors to advise him on the terms of the Settlement Agreement and the circumstances surrounding it. Slee Blackwell were instructed on a Friday, they advised Mr H immediately, negotiated with the employers in light of his potential age discrimination claim and, by the following Monday, the matter was settled – with Mr H agreeing to accept just under £16,000 compensation from his employers.